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Audio World Percussion Creator:

World Percussion Creator Crack is a virtual instrument sample library designed to convey this natural sound in a new, more significant, and more flexible way.

World Percussion Creator Crack


Ethnic, hand-crafted, and regional drums are often used to conjure images of faraway lands, ancient cultures, exotic animals, and human adventure. World Percussion Creator is a virtual instrument sample library that recreates this natural sound in a larger, more versatile format. World Percussion Creator allows you to build, monitor, and generate multiple solo and ensemble groups from a set of 36 drums and 36 small percussion instruments – all playable from a single interface.

World Percussion Creator, like the other Creator libraries, includes a large selection of specialty booms, slams, deep impacts, and “ethno atmospheres,” all of which are designed to transform simple rhythms into polished drum tracks with greater emotional effect. World Percussion Creator & drum creator vst is a match for anyone making world music drum tracks, with a purpose-built engine, hundreds of MIDI files, and an advanced but simple-to-use feature set in World Creator Crack.

Best Thing About World Percussion Creator

Where most libraries present limited variations in native instruments taiko, World Percussion Creator allows you to create, control and generate multiple solo and ensemble groups of your own from a selection of 36 drums and 36 small percussion instruments – all playable from a single interface with virtual shaker instrument.



  • Bass Drum 1
  • Bass Drum 2 (Brush)
  • Bass Drum 3 (Brush)
  • Bongos (2)
  • Cajon (Hand & Rod)
  • Congas (2)
  • Darbuka
  • Dhol (Mallet & Stick)
  • Dholak
  • Djembe 1
  • Djembe 2
  • Djembe 3
  • Doumbek
  • Dunun 1 (Hand & Stick)
  • Dunun 2 (Hand & Stick)
  • Dunun 3 (Hand & Stick)
  • Frame Drum 1 (Hand & Brush)
  • Frame Drum 2 (Hand & Brush)
  • Frame Drum 3
  • Frame Drum 4
  • Frame Drum 5
  • Mridangam
  • Repinique
  • world impact: global percussion

World Percussion Creator License Key Features

  • 36 drums (many feature multiple articulations) and dozens of other small hand percussion sample sets and sound designed elements.
  • 13,700 total samples.
  • All drum head hits feature seven variations at seven velocities (7×7 round-robin).
  • 20 MIDI “suites” that include intros, core parts, fills and endings. High and Low mix variations are also supplied.
  • All parts can be auditioned from the interface and dragged-and-dropped directly to a DAW for user customization.

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  • Big Booms (10)
  • Slams (10)
  • Natural Plus (10)
  • Deep (10)
  • Ethno Atmospheres (10)
  • Metallic Atmospheres (10)
  • Brushed Cymbals (10)
  • Shaken Short (10)
  • Shaken Long (10)

Percussion continued with Drumatic Creator

Tambourine (5)
Togo Atoke Bell (3)
Trash Can Lid
Tsink-Tsink (2)
Tube (2)
…and a wide range of high-pitched percussive hits (drum rim hits, slaps & mutes)

Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) is Native Instruments’ extended plug-in format.

NKS allows for seamless interaction between WORLD PERCUSSION CREATOR and Komplete Kontrol and MASCHINE hardware.

System Requirements

SOFTWARE: World Percussion Creator runs in Kontakt or the free Kontakt Player 5.7.1 or higher (requires a minimum of Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.11).

COMPUTER: Because World Percussion Creator is capable of using many samples at once, we recommend users have a current and powerful computer for the best experience.

ACCESS: A stable internet connection for library download and activation is required.

How to download World Percussion Vst Crack

  • World percussion vst free download using given link below
  • world percussion creator vi control is also available

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