Brainworx bx_console SSL Crack

Brainworx bx_console SSL 4000 G Crack +Solid State Plugin Free Download

Brainworx bx_console SSL Crack

Brainworx bx_console SSL 4000 G the legendary sound of the Solid State Logic 4000 series consoles brought to you by Brainworx. With solid state logic xrack the power of TMT (Tolerance Modeling, US Patent No. 10,725,727) this officially licensed SSL plugin allows you to mix with 72 slightly different, analog channel consoles – in your DAW! Harness the power of the most famous British console ever produced.

These console emulations were created using the original schematics and in close collaboration with the SSL team. Brainworx has also added powerful plugin-only features such as THD, a compressor mix parameter, and V-Gain for authentic control of the analog signal path.

Brainworx bx_console SSL Bundle:

  • The new 4000 E/G Series plugins have been taken to the next level by SSL & BX engineers together:
  • Revisited Component Modeling with the assistance of SSL engineers
  • Created using the original Solid State Logic 4000 E/G schematics
  • Completely overhauled EQ, Dynamics and Filter sections
  • New Brainworx features added: THD ALL & V-GAIN ALL
  • If you own bx_console SSL 4000 G you can buy bx_console SSL 4000 E or bx_console N for just $99 each!
  • Just make sure you are logged in and you will see the $99 price for these products.

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  • 72 different (!) TMT Channels in one plugin, just like a real console
  • 4000 E and G dynamics on board (switchable)
  • Global parameters that affect all channels, like RANDOM ALL, THD ALL
  • The only CONSOLE emulation, everything else is just a channel strip.
  • Featuring TMT (Tolerance Modeling, US Patent No. 10,725,727) with solid state logic xrack

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Version 1.1 (Nov 16, 2018)
– General: macOS Mojave compatibility
– General: Windows October 2018 update compatibility
– General: adding Windows High DPI support for VST2/3 plugins
– General: Fixed potential crashes in Cubase and other VST2 / VST3 DAWs
– General: Fixed potential CPU spikes and audio dropouts
– General: Fixed rendering in Pro Tools at the start of a session
– General: Fixed missing presets in Wavelab and other VST3 DAWs
– General: Improving keyboard control, fixing issues with cached keys preventing it from passing through to DAW
– General: Fixed parallel use of host sessions (e.g. with Live)
– Fixed THD ALL & V Gain ALL resets all Console THD ALL & V Gain ALL settings to default when loading
– Fixed Solo title remains in Mono version
– Fixed CPU spikes and UI animation issues during automation
– Fixed compressor mix knob at zero produces audible digital clicks get here


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